Martha is an entrepreneur and internet activist.

Martha became a crossbench peer in the UK House of Lords in March 2013.

In 2017 she was appointed  a member of the Joint Committee on National Security Strategy.

In March 2014 she was appointed Chancellor of the Open University.

Martha is a director of Twitter and Non Executive Director of Chanel.

She is also a non executive director of Queens Commonwealth Trust.

Martha co- founded and chairs LuckyVoice, revolutionising the karaoke industry.

She founded Doteveryone in 2015 after giving the Dimbleby lecture on BBC1. Doteveryone started a responsible tech movement and in 2020 passed its tools and products to Ada and ODI to scale the work.

Martha is  a Patron of AbilityNet, Reprieve, Camfed and Just for Kids Law.

From 2009 to 2013 Martha was Digital Champion for the UK and helped to create the Government Digital Service – this team launched gov.uk transforming government service delivery.

In 2013 Martha was awarded a CBE.

In 1998 Martha co-founded Europe’s largest travel and leisure website, lastminute.com with Brent Hoberman. They took it public in 2000 and sold it in 2005.

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  1. Martha should spearhead a national programme to “multilingualise” UK’s e-commerce web-sites. We are the world’s leading e-commerce retailer (12% of total retail sales); the world flocks (physically) to UK’s retail shopping, yet most are unable/deterred to access it via e-commerce. The potential benefit to the UK’s economy is enormous. Google’s “Translate” can probably do most of the work automatically. The Government could incentivate by setting up attractive VAT.rules etc.

  2. Ailbhe McNabola at the Design Council suggested I contact you with y inquiry. I would be grateful for your advice. I’m working on the issue of self-neglect – people who fail to maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness. People sometimes get called ‘service refusers’ when they don’t do what a professional wants them to do. This criticism needs a context – and so it becomes much more reasonable when we notice that fewer than half of the courses of medication prescribed by doctors get taken as instructed. We are all ‘service refusers’!

    Similarly, some people have domestic appliances but don’t use them and so their clothes and bodies remain unwashed and even the heating remains switched off in some situations. It occurred to me to ask how many members of the general public struggle with the technology that surrounds them at home. Is it just me that relies on my wife to programme the central heating and video recorder? I imagine some academics have thought about the growing gulf between the technology that we own and our ability to use it, but I don’t know a search term or who would be able to advise me.

    I’d be grateful for your suggestions if you have a moment.

  3. Hi Martha,
    I am Kathrin and I am working for a company which is organizing the worldwide largest student run business convention. As one of our panel discussions is going to deal with entrepreneurship we would love to welcome you on our stage on the 14th March 2013. You would be a perfect match as on the one hand the audience consists of 300 international students being highly motivated to found a startup and 300 corporates or founder. In the last years we were proud to present speakers such as Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg and Kenneth P. Morse to give you a short outline.
    I am looking forward to your reply. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at any time.


  4. There are young people who are excluded from the benefits of connecting and communicating socially online due to their learning disabilties. Most social networking is text driven, usually with an interface that can be difficult to comprehend.
    However, there is currently no research into who find social networking difficult, or even impossible, to use, nor into what can be done about this, nor about the potential benefits for young adults with learning disabilities of having access.
    Can anyone help in raising interest in this area, and getting something done about it?

  5. Hi Martha

    We would love to invite you to join State of Ambition as a champion of young people.

    We have set up a social enterprise to help realise 1million ambitions for young people aged 16-30 within 5 years.

    Why? Well, we want to create a State of Ambition – where ambitions are realised, relationships become more meaningful, talent is discoverable and communities are formed.

    For this State to happen, we want incredible inspirational people like you to become a champion of the movement. You can read more about why we’re making this happen at http://www.stateofambition.org/learn

    Thank you for listening Martha and hope we can talk more about this.

    With kind regards,

    Darshan and the team at State of Ambition

  6. Hi Martha

    I am coordinating the 2013 Entrepreneurs Festival being held in Manchester and I would like see if you were available to do our keynote speech at the Awards dinner on Friday 6th September 2013.

    It is an event that is being held by UKTI for 150-200 entrepreneurial delegates from around the world.


    Troy Aiten

  7. Dear Lady Lane-Fox,

    I am the Chair of Healthy Cities: Healthy Women London, a prominent women’s healthcare event in September. I would be honored if you would be consider speaking at the conference.

    HEALTHY CITIES: HEALTHY WOMEN London is the first international, and fourth in a series, of one-day conferences that originated in the US. HC:HW aims to advocate,educate and illuminate for local-to-global solutions in urban women’s health. Keynote speakers Dame Mary Archer and Dame Ruth Carnall will join others to explore and debate solutions by and for women to improve health and overall wellbeing in the capital.Healthy Cities: Healthy Women London, Tuesday 17 September 2013, 9:30am – 3:30pm,Millennium Hotel London Mayfair, 44 Grosvenor Square, London W1K 2HP.

    To Register: http://www.healthycitieshealthywomenlondon.eventbrite.com

    For the agenda and further information click here.

    I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Margie Gordon Schaye,

    Chair, Healthy Cities: Healthy Women London,


  8. Hi Martha
    Ihave just heard you on the radio extolling being online and am very cross. I was an early buyer of a computer from Raceonline via Remploy. Being disabled and isolated I thought it was a great idea.
    However my computer -the third from them before I got one that functioned – terminally crashed after 9 months use taking 7 years of work (photos) with it so I am left with a net minus.
    Remploy are defunct, I cant use my new Photoshop skills or fulfil my dreams of selling my paintings online and have a broadband account I cant use and struggle to afford. And as for library access these days?
    I would like to be back to where I was and progress but is there any way I can without a reliable affordable machine?
    I feel sad and rather bitter.
    Melusine Leigh

  9. Dear Martha

    I hope you are well. Although we do not know each other directly I have tried several times to get in touch without success. Being a man persistent man as I am, Ill try to email direct this this time, I am determined to get hold of you one way or another.

    The reason I would like to speak to you is that we would like you to be a keynote speaker at our digital conference, Digital Dynamics. It will be held in Birmingham on the 3rd of April 2014 at the NEC conference centre. It will bring together over 300 like minded businesses from the digital world and business communities to meet, share and learn about the online world.

    We feel from your experience, success and involvement in championing this industry, you would make the perfect fit to share your story with our delegates.

    Would you kindly let me know if this is something you can help us with

  10. Dear Martha,

    I read the BBC article last night and you said..

    “We are going to need a million more people who can work in the technology sector over the next 10 years. We don’t have them. We’ve got to help to encourage people to go into that sector.”

    My thoughts exactly, which is precisely why we started…

    Supacoderz – 12 Week Developer School


    Please help us get it off the ground! It’s a game changer!

    Supacoderz Limited

  11. Dear Martha,
    I noted your comments about the lack of women in the technical workplace with interest. As a father of 3 teenage daughters at an all girl school I feel they do not get anywhere near enough access to highly successful role models such as yourself, who are able to make the case for women working in technology in an eloquent and motivational way. Would you consider visiting the school to speak to them? I expect the answer to be no, looking at the number of other requests to speak on this blog that have been declined, but there’s no harm in trying!

    Kind Regards.

  12. Hi Martha,

    I am currently organising a conference for March 2015, to coincide with Women’s History Month.

    It is a day’s conference on technology, in particular user experience and service design.

    Myself and others have spent a lot of time creating a welcoming and collaborative community of inquisitive women within tech. Following on from this work we are organising the first ever female only line up at a conference.

    We are hoping that in doing so we can promote women in technology and celebrate some of the fantastic work that they do.

    It would be a dream for you to be involved in the day.

    Please let us know if you might be interested,

    Thanks so much,


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  15. I’m author of upcoming Financial Times book ‘Gamechangers’, and would like to include a section about you, if you are agreeable. Can we get in touch about obtaining information or doing an interview about this? Many thanks!

  16. Hi Martha,

    We would be delighted to offer you a 30 minute key note, that will inspire business peers, at our London Business Event on the, 27th and 28th of November. You would be speaking alongside the likes of James Caan, Doug Richards and many more exciting speakers. Please look at the website to get an idea around the design aspect. http://www.greatbritishbusinessshow.co.uk

    For clarification, I am asking you to promote yourself and give inspiration to those business starting out i.e how you started your very first business, what drove you to become an entrepreneur, what benefited you in your campaign and what experiences you would avoid. This would be an Inspirational key note to educate businesses just starting out.

    Look forward to your response,

    Kind Regards


  17. You are a most special and good lady. God bless you and Everybody. I hope we can be of help to each other regarding a matter of importance to us, and, Everybody. Please email me as soon as possible. Kindest and Best Regards and Good Wishes To YOU! (Smiles)

  18. Martha,
    Couldn’t think how else to get message to you about M&S where you’re a non-exec. Their web presence is really letting them down. Here’s an email I just sent which they’ll ignore.
    “I’ve just wasted over an hour trying to order a made to measure shirt for my son (the order process and the 5 people I was passed to on the phone) before it emerged that your made to measure ordering system is incompatible with Apple– that’s the Apple that yesterday became the world’s first $700 billion company.
    I can’t believe you have a premium product service which can’t be used by people using premium IT products– but if you do, then at least confess it upfront and save my time! Worse, you write to me to “welcome me to M&S” and say “If you need to contact us for any further information, please email: auto-confirm@marksandspencer-madetomeasure.com ” which I did, only to read further down your email that “Please note that this email was sent from a notification-only address that is unable to accept incoming email” and it was sent from– guess what?–auto-confirm@marksandspencer-madetomeasure.com!
    When I then decide to try and contact you some other way to tell you how angry this makes me, I have a drop down menu to choose from. I have selected “Mcom comments” because I assume that’s what the impersonal twit at your end chooses to call criticisms of the website.
    I think you should get some real users/human beings to work through your on-line interface, produce a ‘snag’ list for fixing and get a more customer friendly and intuitive website designed as soon as possible. It’ll be too late for Xmas, but it might just save the company in the longer term.”
    Hope you get a chance to see this.

  19. Hi Martha,
    It was a privilege to have the video chat with you Wednesday 10th December.
    I’ve been teaching Computing since 1995 and having researched your background and achievements in preparation for the chat I’ve been thinking a lot about what I could do in a wider sense to help get more people using technology and help people can make better use of technology.
    I have a idea that I think would help young people make better use of technology, create something useful for them and let them help others.
    I’m sure with current technology it would be achievable with someone like you involved, I really would like the opportunity to email you my idea and see what you think.

    Teaching lets me make a difference to the lives of my students but being able to use technology to make a difference to a much larger group of people would be so rewarding.

    Kind Regards
    Paul Fuller
    Secondary School Computing Teacher

  20. Hi Martha,
    I recently came across your GoON UK organisation and have been watching some of your speeches. You are such an inspiration and I think the message of GoON UK/digitalskills.co.uk is incredible. I would love to get involved with your organisation and hope to launch a charity cycle ride in 2015 for the organisation. Thanks for being such a great digital champion for the UK. You rock!
    Best regards,

      • Dear Lady Martha
        I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed your Dimbleby Lecture. But to do just that has taken me all most an hour, as I don’t have a phone and I don’t tweet. (I couldn’t find an Email address for you, that’s why I’m using this). Never mind I got here in the end. I think you must have a chat with a guy called Peter Diamandis. I heard you say in the lecture maybe we could start an incentive prize? when you said that, I knew Mr Diamandis is the guy you need to talk to. What you are trying to do is so important for this little county, and I know this guy can help. thanks for your time Lady Martha.

        yours Sincerely Robert Tindale (an old internet user)

  21. Hi Martha,, I am a fellow entrepreneur, and wanted to introduce the company PairPlay Ltd. PairPlay Ltd is a young company creating educational products. We would like the opportunity to present to you our product ideas. We are producing educational card games in both digital and physical forms, and digital books. One of many opportunities is PairPlay Card Game Worldwide Edition if we can acquire funding for production. Pairplay Europe is a game where players learn about all the European country flags and capitals. Did you know that both chess greats Garry Kasparov and Magnus Carlsen both learnt about world flags at a young age, which could be evidence of the intellectual development benefits of the game.

    The company’s long term goal is to be listed on FTSE AIM All-Share and I would like to discuss with you the best strategy to achieve this aim. Please do let me know when you are next available in London to arrange to meet or alternatively we could hold a conference presentation online.

    PairPlay Ltd cardgames are manufactured by Cartumdi in Essex. Manufacturing in Britain is critical to UK’s recovery. PairPlay can be exported worldwide bringing money into Britain and creating British jobs. There is a possibility for young British people to be involved in the design and manufacture process.

    My personal aim is to be a successful entrepreneur that sets a good example and role model for young people with Nigerian background in London.

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  23. As a Head of Media in an Outstanding state secondary I was so relieved to see that Media escaped the recent ‘cull’ of subjects. In particular, the Media in the Online Age unit at A2 Level is so relevant to the ideas I am listening to you expound as I write. I have attached a link to some terrific work from previous students- their A Level coursework involves creating a new film and then promoting it using online surveys, a website they have created and social media marketing. They develop their skills using online tutorials – growth of editing software is exponential and it is so important to provide a template for research rather than ‘how to…’ or step by step helpsheets. They present all their work using a blog and then evaluate it on a website they have created. As an English Literature graduate whose first job involved writing idiot guides for pc users I have been so impressed by the relevance and usefulness of this qualification. I loved teaching English A Level but it’s the Media A Level that really empowers my students to understand and participate in today’s workplaces and university courses. Resuts have put my department in ALPS levels 1 and 2 over the years. This, from someone who has not had any media studies training but who has used the internet to inform and develop the courses she delivers singlehanded. I am so inspired by what you are saying, you are so right- the crisis of skills is key to the success of our future. I love that you are such a terrific role model for the students I teach, especially the female students. Please do what you can to protect and even champion media studies- it is so relevant to the twenty first century.

  24. Great Lecture and great to see you so well. Smashed my pelvis in 2003 and fully understand your pain. You are an inspiration to anyone involved in a serious RTA and hope you continue to get better. I will gladly sign your petition and am sad that my only influence on the Government is my vote.

    Cheer Mick

  25. It occurs to me that posting the link will involve public access to student details so please email me at the address below so that I can send the link more securely if you would like to see a terrific example of the film, the blog, the planning and research prezis, powerpoints plus the practical planning coursework and the website created by one student – certainly not the ‘soft’ subject that is so unfairly presented by the media- especially since all this work constitutes just 25% of the total A Level and is balanced at A2 by a rigorous and academic examination which requires application of theories to texts and critical perspectives of the current online media climate.

  26. I have just watched your lecture on BBC1, I just wanted to commend you on a fascinating lecture .
    I’m 46 , mum of 4 and struggled for years , to be able to use a computer ..
    Having never used a computer at school , I had to get my children to show me what to do , patience .. They didn’t have . The first time I sent an e-mail to a friend in Canada , I had to call her to see if she had received it !!
    Chuffed with myself when I found out she had .
    I now have, an online millinery shop , I struggle with advertising .. Tweets , well , don’t understand the concept .. But I will keep trying .
    I think it’s wonderful what you are trying to achieve , as , my children point out , it is the future .
    I wish you well in your new venture .
    Best wishes ,
    Jackie Howell

  27. Hi Martha. Your Richard Dimbleby lecture and doteveryone vision are inspirational. One organisation which should be grasping the vision with both hands is the University of the Third Age. With getting on for 350,000 ‘retired’ members in the UK and an ethos of life-long learning at it’s core, the notion of embracing the advantages of being ‘online’ should be at the forefront of its thinking. Sadly, as an ‘internet enthusiast’ member in one particular local U3A I’m finding that a ‘traditional, conventional, established, we’ve always done it this way’ attitude is hindering the progress which doteveryone is seeking to promote. Will doteveryone be pro-actively targeting individual organisations or just ‘hoping’ that they will come onboard? I’m with you all the way! lesleyasman.co.uk

  28. Hello Baroness Lane Fox. I have just been entranced by your lecture (thank you) and moved to write to you. I have been a Speech and Language Therapist within the NHS for 25 years this year. I am strongly driven to help the NHS to develop and modernise. I have been innovating in the use of technology to provide intensive rehabilitation to people post-stroke and recently I have developed a process to remotely assess people with eating and drinking problems (the elderly and those with dementia living in nursing homes). These innovations will reduce distress as people can be seen faster, reduce costly hospital admission as people will be seen prior to deterioration, and also save the NHS a lot of money (each NHS professional making home visits claims 56p per mile in expenses) as well as improving staff productivity. I know what I am doing will vastly help the NHS and I would appreciate some help in spreading the word and accessing people of influence within the NHS who would listen to what I, as a grass-roots clinician, is trying to do. Is there any way you can help?

  29. Dear Matha,

    I heard you being interviewed on radio 4 at lunchtime yesterday, this made me aware of your new role as Chancellor of the Open University. I was already aware of you championing Britain in the digital world.

    You seem to me to be the perfect person to appeal to in my quest to laud the prowess of our universities to the world.

    I am a mature student who has recently taken a MOOC (massive open online course) offered by edX https://www.edx.org/ an organisation offering free online courses run by MIT/Harvard/McGill/Rice/Caltech/…………. many other American universities. The list of whom has now grown to include the top Chinese universities. There is a huge take-up worldwide it feels like the world is being made to see itself through American eyes.

    Having finished this one, I looked for arts courses I found virtually none and then only American history

    It struck me that these are areas in which our universities have a particular strength. Why aren’t we making our mark particularly but not only in the arts? I searched for British ones. I asked friends who did this sort of thing, I found few and those poorly signposted, widely scattered and generally disappointing. Even the Open University doesn’t do anything like this. These courses could act as the signposts to full-time courses at the appropriate universities. The lecturer has to inspire and in order to pursue an interest you are driven into the arms of that organisation. We are brilliantly placed to do it, let us celebrate and expose the breath of our universities prowess. If you look further we could act as the doorway to european university prowess as well.

    I took a 12 week long course in Global Architecture from MIT, I have to admit I was sceptical. It was an area I had training in even though mine had been a long time ago, 1969/1970. The course was a revelation. The lecturer was inspirational. He tackled two lectures per week and dealt mostly, but not exclusively with Eurasia. Each lecture had approximately 6 parts with questions after each. There were 3 exams having multiple choice, drag and drop etc questions mechanically marked. You had to complete the questions on each part of each lecture as well as the exams within a given relatively short time, these were automatically invigilated. If you didn’t complete the required questions within the time period you automatically didn’t accrue marks. Your progress was charted. I found that this rigour and the invigilated discussions gave me a feeling of actually being part of a class, I think this is what a completely self-paced course doesn’t do. At the outset, if you need a certificate you register to receive one for completing the course on time, that costs £50.

    What one would need to run a similarly inspirational course would be an inspirational lecturer, videos, of them giving 12 X 2 = 24 lectures with questions, setting three exams. An appropriate digital platform needs to be developed. As you will see not that many courses are offered (compared to the heft of the organisations behind them) I feel that considering our choice of university we could get a similar number of courses I see these courses as loss leaders acting at signposts to places where the subjects can be pursued further

    I would be interested to hear how you receive suggestion and what legs you think it could have. I am a student, and at that an ancient disabled one, not a lecturer. If only I had another life. I would love to be able to take this forward myself.

    Best wishes.
    Ann Inglis

  30. Dear Martha, thanks for doing the Dimbleby lecture last night. You transfixed my 21 year old daughter who at first thought you were electioneering, then realised you weren’t and said she would vote for you if you were. God bless, The Artist Dave White

  31. Dear Martha- I very much enjoyed listening to your Richard Dimbleby lecture and your “call to arms” to both Government and Corporations to “get the internet”. A country that has really embraced this fully is Finland. From a tiny population, decimated by the collapse of their traditional paper-based industries, they have emerged as one of the world’s leading centres for technological innovation. Being involved as I have been for 5 years with a Tech Startup, I would highly recommend that the UK follow the example of the excellent Slush Conference (www.slush.org) and create their own. A conference whose Prime Minister visits to speak and support. A person who fully understands this technology and whose government has fully embraced. A place where new technologies are showcased with VC funds rushing in to find new places to invest. Imagine what we could achieve if we could mobilise our far greater capital and resources in a similar way?
    I applaud your actions and have signed your petition. I wish you the very best of success with it.
    Kind regards, Laith Al-Janabi

  32. Hi Martha,
    We’d love you to join us for this talks programme at the Edinburgh Festival if at all possible. Invite below .
    best wishes


    Dear Martha

    Every year we present a programme of top speakers at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival under the title ‘Entertaining Ideas’. It is a 60 minute slot and hosted at the Prestigious Assembly Rooms venue in George Street. It runs around mid-day from August 8 – 30

    We would like to invite you to join us as part of our 2015 programme. To speak on a subject of your choice.

    The dates we have available are August 8/9/10 @ 2pm -3pm

    We can offer a fee /expenses package

    We hope you will consider joining us this year.

    With best wishes

    Mike McCarthy
    Lakin McCarthy

    Speakers confirmed this year
    John Pilger | Richard Wiseman | Yasmin Alibhai- Brown | Mark Thompson | Charlotte Green | Danny Dorling| Jon Ronson | Robin Ince| AC Grayling | Owen Jones | Jonathan Meades | Polly Toynbee | Charlotte Green | Danny Dorling| Mark Thompson| Will Hutton | Jay Rayner | Ricky Tomlinson

    Speakers appearing in previous years
    Lucy Worsley|Mary Beard|Jim Al-Khalili|Tanya Byron|Martin Rowson|John O’Farrell|Robert Llewellyn|Steve Richards|Simon Singh|| Simon Hoggart|Val McDermid| Virginia Ironside|Stuart Maconie|David Schneider|Steve Bell|Chris Mullin|Monty Don

  33. Dear Martha,

    We are Hub Dot, an organisation that is revolutionising the way women network.

    We would love to get in touch with you and if possible meet, what would be the best way to contact you?

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Many thanks and Best wishes,
    Catalina Silva
    Hub Dot

  34. Dear Baroness Lane-Fox,

    I’m a digital champion for Lancashire Libraries and a founder member of b4ys.org.uk working to bring B4RN hyperfast community benefit broadband to Arnside and Silverdale AONB. From beneath both hats, blessing upon you for your work with GO-ON, Dot Everyone and most recently Arts Technologica.

    B4YS and B4RN are both working to enable our communities to take advantage of hyperfast broadband, using GO-ON to raise consciousness and digging the trenches for the fibre connections to the digital hyperhighway. Arts Technologica gave us a glimpse of the sunny digital uplands to come while we are still engaged in the grassroots grunt work.

    Gait Barrows National Nature Reserve have asked us to help them develop a multimedia art project to record and celebrate the 1000 year old ash trees naturally bonsaied on the reserve’s limestone pavement and under threat from encroaching ash dieback. With one of our fibre core routes running at Gait Barrows back door, can you help us by suggesting artists with whom we can work to capture video, holographic and other digital representations of these amazing trees before they are lost and gone for ever? Our gigabit symetrical bandwidth could easily enable these digital recordings to be available to tablet and smart phone wielding visitors to the reserve for posterity, not to mention raising the profile of Natural England’s wonderful work world wide.

    We’re having difficulty locating the artists who may be interested in and able to contribute to, our project. Can you help?

    best wishes and thanks

    Tim Mackintosh

  35. Dear Baroness Lane-Fox
    May I bring to your attention that there will be a debate on Wednesday, 3rd June 2015 at Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL, on the subject of whether there should be quotas for women. The winner of the debate will receive a prize of £10,000, tax free.
    We were wondering whether you would be interested to debate the “Yes” side of the question, and support quotas for women.
    Lewis Headley, Committee for Logic

  36. I was at school at the Benedictine Abbey at Fort Augustus. Recently it has had a lot of bad publicity but my memories of school were largely happy. I was there from 1958 till 1964. Then I was the Communities lawyer till I retired. During my time at school there was a wonderful very old priest named Father John (I think) Lane Fox. I don’t know if there was a hint of fantasy but as I recall, it was suggested that Father JLF had done courageous things during the First War?? I have often wondered as I followed your dazzling career and horrendous accident whether you are related to that fine and kind gentleman. Lane Fox cant be a very common name!? Robert Young

  37. I’m currently unit head of digital marketing at a big fancy-schmancy lifestyle brand in the USA (despite being a Brit and having a lady-brain). I’ve been working on a bit of a personal passion project (an app to end all mummy wars by making mums laugh…like, spit your latte out laugh). Problem is, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with the momentum. I have the digital side down but scary money people in suits with big calculators are starting peer at me over their glasses and I need to make some decisions. Fancy mentoring? Or recommending a mentor for me? All the people I can go to are connected to my big fancy-schmancy workplace and that would be nearly as bad as having to type this request on a public comments page…oh wait.

  38. Dear Martha,
    I read with interest your letter to Jeremy Hunt regarding free wifi for patients and staff. I am the secretary for the London Chief Information Officer Council (CIOs of NHS Trusts across London). I would like to ask if you would consider speaking at one of our meetings? It is attended by 30-40 CIOs. I believe that what you have to say will be well recieved and could help with getting your message through directly to NHS hospitals.
    Kind regards
    Lisa Budd
    NHS London Procurement Partnership
    + Secretary for London CIO Council

  39. Hi Martha, I saw your recent comments about the paucity of women in Tech and the startling imbalance of female employees. I run a consultancy advising companies on how to attract, recruit and retain women, and have worked in other industries who struggle, such as banking and oil and gas. I’d love to get your advice on how to approach the Tech sector to see if it could benefit from my expertise? Would you be able to have a chat? Charlotte Thatche charlotte@thatcher-consulting.com, http://www.thatcher-consulting.com

  40. Dear Baroness Lane Fox,

    My name is Jorun Sofie F. Aartun and I am a senior reporter at DN Norway’s largest financial newspaper, equivalent to Financial Times in the UK. We are planning a trip to UK ahead of the June 23 referendum on whether the country should leave the EU, and kindly request an interview. I would very much like to hear your thoughts on the upcoming referendum, which could see potential changes in the UK economic backdrop.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    For further info about DN please find the link below


    Kind regards,

    Jorun Sofie F. Aartun

    DN /D2 Magazine
    Dagens Næringsliv
    Office: +47 22001244
    Mobile: +47 98 26 14 07

  41. Dear Baroness Lane Fox,
    I hope this finds you well in the US. I am contacting you on behalf of Elman Wall Limited, the UK’s independent firm of accountants specializing in the Travel Industry to find out whether you would consider to come and talk to us about your personal / professional journey and shake the 200 or so business owners and heads of major travel associations to the need of embracing technology at all levels. The event takes place on the 5th October 2016. I will send a comprehensive email to your email address: contactholmember@parliament.uk
    Kind regards
    Gaby Marcon Clarke
    Elmann Wall Limited

  42. Hi Martha,

    I’ve just read the 50/50 post which relates perfectly to the results of our latest ‘women in tech survey’. It’s the largest survey in the UK (we partner with computer weekly every year) and this years results focus heavily on what hiring managers can do to improve their process to attract, engage and most importantly retain women in the industry. We’ve been doing this for 5 years now so have lots of data and experience in what can logistically work, and where companies/people need to take a bit of a leap of faith!

    We will be hosting an event in November this year for an audience of 200 people. 200 people who are there to make a difference in the numbers and stats and reach an achievable goal.

    The speakers we have in mind will be sharing practical advice or where to find potential talent (ie not JUST grads and people with experience, but maybe mums looking for flexible work who with a bit of training could be loyal superstars!). They will also be sharing advice on initiatives such as mentoring, anonymous recruitment application processes and much much more.

    It’ll be a very interactive, collaborative evening event and it would be great to have you and/or the team involved in some way.

    This isn’t an event for the sake of having an event, I’m aiming to drive real action and results.

    Please do let me know if you’d like further info and I’d be happy to share more.




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