I have been meaning to post something all week but its taken me until 6pm on a Friday to actually do so. Whoops.

It was a completely surreal evening when I had the incredible experience of taking over BBC1 for 40 minutes. I am delighted to report that the UK didn’t have its earliest ever recorded bedtime but some people actually stayed up to watch. Quite a lot of people – which I am glad I didn’t know while I was speaking as I would have been even more nervous.

The delivery seemed to go ok –  I didn’t fall over, my earrings didn’t induce any epileptic fits in the audience (one of my girlfriends was worried about this) and most of all the Dimbleby family seemed pleased – I didn’t disgrace them.

So, two weeks on I feel amazed at the response. Thank you to everyone that has contacted me – via social media, handwritten letter, carrier pigeon and email. It has been so interesting to read people’s ideas, frustrations and offers of help. I have had letters from people as diverse as nurses, teachers, retired policemen, ftse100 ceos and small business owners.

10,000 people have signed my petition at change.org/doteveryone which I reckon is not too bad at all considering its a fairly dry concept – making the UK brilliant at the internet and figuring out if we need an institution. But its also a reminder to me that its hard to get action – 1.2m people watched on tv, I tweeted a lot, as did others and yet conversion is tiny.

Now what? I am heartened that a broad range of people think dot everyone is a good idea. I am doing three things in parallel – trying to secure some resource to help me,putting a small group of people in place to create a plan and getting an event together for anyone who would like to contribute to come and help. All three bits are equally important.

In this election frenzy I am still infuriated at how rarely technology is cogently talked about? Why aren’t the media asking MPs how the £8bn nhs hole could be filled with digital services? Why isn’t there more talk of infrastructure? The fight goes on.

Please sign up http://doteveryone.org.uk

5 thoughts on “Two Weeks on from the idea of doteveryone

  1. Hi Martha, I took to Twitter to promote your doteveryone campaign after listening to your inspiring broadcast. I am very keen to help you develop this crucially important agenda. Please let me know if you think I could be of assistance, DM via @Paul_Zonda.

  2. I totally believe in this initiative. As I watched the lecture it was like you were touching on everything I care about – an amazing feeling and a fantastic solution. Down here in Brighton we’ve been running a suite of events aimed at showcasing, supporting and building the part women play in our digital community – because we believe that diversity leads to collective intelligence and that’s what’s needed to solve the complex problems we all face.

    I would love to help you make this real. Or real-er – just by naming it you’ve brought it to life. I’d also like to invite you to share the idea with the radical business community at the Meaning conference in Brighton on November 12th. Can I email you on the address above?

  3. Hi Martha,
    I was quite impressed in your speech and what you had to say about the dramatic changes needed for the 21st century. By chance, I have a project worth viewing that fits in with the issues you raised. Do you have an email so I could send details.

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