I am so honoured to be taking up the role of the chancellor of the Open University.
It’s an awesome institution and the job means I get to meet a lot of students – the lifeblood of the organisation.
Here is the official press release :

“The Open University has appointed Baroness Lane-Fox of Soho as its new Chancellor, succeeding Lord Puttnam who is stepping down after more than seven years in the role.

Martha Lane Fox has built her career around the digital world, making her mark as one of the founders of LastMinute.com. For more than four years she served as the government’s UK Digital Champion, leading a drive to get more people and services engaged with the online world. In 2012 she launched a charity – Go ON UK – which aims to plug the digital skills gap among British adults. Last year she joined the House of Lords and recently led a debate on the 25th anniversary of the world wide web.”

Vice-Chancellor of The Open University, Martin Bean, said:

“Just like the OU, Martha has always been a tireless advocate for all things digital, constantly working to unleash the incredible power of technology to transform and improve the way we live, work and study. I would like to thank Lord Puttnam for his years of hard work and loyalty and look forward to welcoming Martha into this important role.”

The appointment was approved by a joint meeting of the University’s governing body, the Council and the Senate on Tuesday 11th March. The Chancellor is the public face of the university, acting as an ambassador with supporters around the world and attending degree ceremonies.

Baroness Lane-Fox of Soho said:

“I have seen how technology can transform the way we do things – from shopping to socialising to studying. The Open University has an astonishing track-record of using of new and emerging technologies to make higher education available to all people around the world. Its ethos of inclusion and access is something I respect hugely. I am extremely excited about this appointment and can’t wait to start meeting students.”

In addition to her work with the government, Baroness Lane-Fox has served on the boards of Channel 4 and Marks & Spencer and is patron of several charities. She is also helping to finance the Women’s Prize for Fiction. She will be formally installed as Chancellor of The Open University later this year and will take up her formal duties from September.


3 thoughts on “Fabulous new job

  1. Dear Mrs, Lane-Fox, what is the best way to contact you as I had no joy while you were the digital expert in parliament.

    I would dearly love to send you some info that could have massive implications for the British economy and get more students qualified in the necessary skills to assist businesses in the current digital age.

    I have a proposal that could also help the million plus neets out there get jobs.

    I have tried to go through official channels to contact you and failed so no I am trying a more direct approach.

    Please take a minute to hear me out as I am certain that someone with your knowledge in the tech industry will appreciate the gravity of what I would like to discuss in private.

  2. One Response to The FutureLearn MOOC is nearly here….

    Paul Boscher says:
    November 4, 2014 at 4:41 am

    I registered for two FutureLearn courses recently after having successfully completed a Coursera course. The first FutureLearn course began just over a week ago: I have today deregistered from this course and the other course too.

    Many years ago I did a OU course and expected that the years of experience of OU would be mirrored by FutureLearn but was shocked by the low standards of FutureLearn.


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