I was just fortunate enough to have lunch with Professor Yunnus, pioneer of micro finance and founder of the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. He wad introduced by Berenberg bank because both they and he are challenging the UK to create a much bigger social business sector. Very simply, he thinks a social business is one for social good not profit – where dividends get put back. What a hero. A quiet, optimistic and revolutionary man who has changed millions of lives by lending to the most poverty stricken communities. I loved him for a few reasons. Here are some – 97% of the loans are to women. Grameen see this as the biggest way to create systemic change. Yunnus thinks access to technology is fundamental to help people gain control over difficult circumstances and set up a mobile company to help (predominantly) women have phones. Grameen is a model for anywhere and they are currently working on a project in Glasgow. However I mainly loved him due to his fundamental belief in human beings and their ability to make the right decision. “Some people see walls, I see holes in walls and climb through them”.


One thought on ““Human creativity is boundless”

  1. Thanks so much for sending this, Susannah! Bapak and I are so excited to know you and Lotus are on the cutting edge of this socially responsible model ! Congratulations!

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