I am so excited about becoming the Chairman of MakieLab today. The company combines an incredible management team with an irresistible product and I think it has a very bright future. To quote the company “We’ve built technology to create a digital world of toys that we can also turn into physical toys. Our avatars can be made into action dolls.’ MakieLab uses 3D printing technology to create toys that can be personalised and is already working on other accessories and furniture. It.s a very smart connected games company. MakieLab has a stellar bunch of investors who bring a huge amount of experience to the table and will help support Alice Taylor, the Founder as the product develops. I met Alice at Channel 4 when she was working in the education commissioning team. Channel 4 had taken the bold step to put all its budget online and Alice was developing games concepts for the target audiences. I immediately liked her and was so pleased to reconnect with her when MakieLab was being born.

Finding outstanding founders is lucky but for me, finding outstanding female founders is a dream come true so I very much hope I can add some value to this exciting new business. If nothing else, I can share some war stories as a dot com dinosaur myself.

Here is my prototype Makie that I designed earlier in the year – I call her the blue fox.

The other big reason I am very drawn to MakieLab is because of the extremely interesting maker trend emerging predominantly in the US but also increasingly here – as you can tell from the growing number of maker fairs around the country – the latest in brighton just this month. 3D printing technology has allowed people to become designers, retailers and manufacturers all in one and has led to a mini revolution in the creation of products.

Chris Anderson, Editor in Chief of Wired has released his latest book on the subject in which he argues that this is the next indistrial revolution. You can read his thoughts here in an article for the guardian he wrote last week.

Check out the wonderful dolls athttp://makie.me and start playing.

We want to see your designs!

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