International Women’s Day:

Around the world today, we face big and complex problems – from conflict and climate change, to economic inequality, rising longevity and slowing growth.  I’m convinced that by unlocking more of the brainpower in our populations – by making sure women are as represented in every organisation, school, business, government as we are in the rest of society – we stand to massively increase our chances of finding the solutions we need to meet these challenges. I think women should have equal airtime in every debate, whether it’s on the World Service, on al Jazeera English, in the House of Lords or the Kabul duma. Our contributions are just as valid, and we are equally affected by their outcomes.

I am a privileged woman in a rich and enlightened country. Yet the three sectors I work most closely in demonstrate how even here, even today, power is skewed away from women.  

In business – nearly half of our biggest 250 companies have no woman in their boardrooms.  In government – just 22% of MPs are women. And in technology, a sector that was 30% female 10 years ago has a workforce that is now just 18% female.

In developing countries, women do 75% of the work but have less than 20% of the wealth. Some of the best development projects prioritize funding for women because of the huge improvement in results and efficacy these programmes demonstrate. It’s high time we transferred this lesson to all areas of public life.

I am sure there would be some spectacular resistance, some terrible fighting and some unbelievable dissent: but I want to live in a world that reflects our population. I want women’s opinions to inform to how we educate and care for our children. How Governments rule, and how we mediate conflict within and between nations. I want more women starting businesses, going into science, taking equal share of power, wealth, influence, and voice.

If you’d like to help, join Neelie Kroes, the woman in charge of digital policay for the EU alongside women in the digital world by writing and spreading this statement on International Women’s Day 2012.



The empowerment of women and the recent rise of digital technology have changed our world for the better.

Now it is time to bring these two revolutions together. You’ve heard of Moore‘s law, but what about a more women law?

Technology should not be a boy’s and man’s world. Our technology gurus and heroes cannot be limited to men.

It’s a digital world now and the digital world is for everyone. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.



For more info click here.  Or you can add your name by emailing  infso-it-girls@ec.europa.eu or write a tweet with this tag – #digitalheroines – and your name will be included on the list of signatories.


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