Late last night gov.uk launched – I urge you to have a look and give feedback to the team. It’s a beta site but it is an indication of how much change is happening in central government. I started working on the way central govt uses websites in 2010 and with the help of Transform wrote a report calling for a revolution in how government thinks about the Internet. We tried to shift the emphasis onto us, the user, by asking for simpler, more open, cheaper and more beautiful website design.

After the establishment of the Government Digital Service and the installation of Mike Bracken as Executive Director of digital these ideas are now becoming a reality. There is a long way to go but it would be easy to underestimate the sea of change without knowing the amount of talent being built up and the plans ahead. Mike has recruited a band of warriors to help including Tom Loosemore, Mark o’Neil and Felicity Singleton and I am so proud of my small role in their work.  Have a look at the cabinet office blog and please get involved – all of these services get better when we all help improve them.

The prize is big – massive savings, more people online and the UK in a world leading position.


One thought on “Beta site Launched

  1. Hi Martha, you delivered a world class talk this evening. Many congratulations on a most inspiring and insightful lecture. I look forward to meeting in the future. Very best wishes George Cordle

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